Monday, 22 December 2014

Bleach London | Sea Punk

Good morning everyone, I am here today to talk about a product I have been trying out and I am instantly in love with, its the Bleach London wash out hair colours.
Boots have done a Bleach London gift set section, both in store and online, where you can purchase gift sets including Bleach London's very own hair colorants, I was lucky enough to win a hamper full of there new Christmas gift sets on twitter from a company called Living North, I was soooooooooooo excited to find out I had won.

(There were more prizes included in the hamper, including the Bleach London bauble sets, snow globe and jelly purse)

I couldn't wait to try out a colour for the first time, I only have blonde ombre ends and the rest of my hair is brown, therefore I knew I couldn't achieve a bright colour without bleaching all my hair, which I wasn't brave enough to do, so for the meantime I just did the ends of my hair to see how it went.
I would love love love to bleach all my hair a silver/white colour, however the only problem is keeping up with roots and affording to pay money every couple of weeks for a bleaching kit, which without a job, isn't the most sensible thing to do.
My blonde ombre isn't very bright, as in a white tone, its more of a honey sort of blonde, therefore I didn't get the results I was hoping for, however the colour was bright enough to be noticed. I also found that once I dried my hair after using this product, that I had missed quite a lot of my hair, therefore next time I will use more product and take more time to ensure I am covering every section I need to cover, which may create the vibrant look I was going for.
I tested the colour 'Sea Punk' which is a mouldy looking green, that is the only way I can describe this colour, and I know im probably not selling the product well but it seriously is a lovely colour to have, and very different to.
The reason I went for Sea Punk is because its nearly Christmas and I wanted to create a Christmas look to my hair, and what better colour to use than Christmas tree green.
I would suggest to only use Bleach London colours if you are prepared to get comments and weird looks of strangers or even people you know, I have had this colour in my hair two days and have already had the following comments off little girls: 'daddy, look at that girls hair, its green' and 'there's that girl again with the green hair' (said whilst running away). Also my grandparents are not a fan of the green, however, I like this colour and if I like it then im okay with the weird comments because im doing it for me and no one else.
Anyway, enough chit chat, lets get to the results..

Unfortunately the colour has not shown very well through the camera, and looks a lot more brighter in person, however I took a few picture from my iPad and they turned out tad bit brighter, here they are...

The final results turned out great and I was so excited to show my hair off to the world, I thought I would have been nervous to try such an adventurous colour, when actually I was more excited than nervous.
The best thing about this product is that it lasts from 2-10 washes, therefore you can try out many colour and not have to worry about it staining. This product smells soooooooooo nice, and nothing like the minging hair dye smell you would normally get. With this colourant you shampoo your hair and then towel dry, then apply the product like you would with a conditioner (but wearing gloves) and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing like normal. Another great advantage of this products is the fact that it leaves your hair shiny instead of dry and frizzy, making it easier to dry and style after.
Altogether I would rate this product a 10/10 and cannot wait to try out more crazy colours from the bunch of goodies I have left!
Feel free to take a look at the Bleach London website by clicking HERE
Or to be taken to the Boots gift section click HERE
Thank you for reading, have a brilliant Christmas.
Love Olivia.


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