Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cheeky Lip & Cheek Tint | Review

Good afternoon. I know its been a while since I last blogged but im back with a review from a company I now love. This company is called 'Cheeky', and they sell freshly scented products across body care, hair care and cosmetics, they also have a NEW parlour open in Shoreditch, East London.
I was lucky enough to win one of there competitions over on my personal Twitter account and they sent me a cosmetic bag full of goodies, so thank you Team Cheeky.
I have only tried a few products so far, but there's two products which I am loving...
I am a huge lipstick lover and when I discovered that Team Cheeky had put, not one, but two lip and cheek tints in my cosmetics bag, my eyes lit up. I have never tried a lip and cheek tint before but have always wanted to. After trying these two products, I will defiantly be on the look out for more in the future.
I tried the shades 'Fire Starter' and 'Posey Rosey' out, and before even testing them on my lips or cheeks, I immediately noticed how bright both colours were and knew that they must be super pigmented.
I struggle to find a suitable shade of pink when choosing a lip product, as I have very pale skin and sometimes pinks can make me look to 'in your face' or like I've applied foundation to my lips (if I were to go for a nude pink). This particular shade of pink worked really well for my skin tone, however, I haven't tried it on my cheeks yet but im sure it will suit my complexion great.
The red lip and cheek tint also worked very well with my skin tone, both on my lips and cheeks, however I did find it quite hard to blend in the cheek tint but im sure it will just take some getting use of, to figure that out.
Here are the results of both products when applied to my lips..
This shade of pink works perfect with my skin tone, giving my lips a pop of colour and not making me look like a clown at the same time. The awesome thing about these lip and cheek tints are that you can have the colour as natural or as bright as you want by applying less for a hint of colour or more for a vibrant colour. This shade will be amazing in summer, therefore I will try my hardest not to use it all up before then (which could be a struggle, *wink face*).

I was very impressed with this shade, I wouldn't have thought that a crème lip tint would add much colour to my lips, maybe a little gloss, but not very bright, but boy was I wrong. This shade applies just as bright as a normal lipstick and has a super soft texture when using my fingers to apply the product to my lips or cheeks.
In this picture I am wearing Fire Starter as a cheek tint as well, and as you can see, this shade does wonders for my pale skin. I can never wear to much bronzer, if any at all, due to me being so pale, that the bronzer just looks to orange; therefore this product will be great in summer as well as winter to add a hint of colour to my face, which is very much needed.
Altogether I love these lip and cheek tints, they sell for £10 each which is a bargain as they should last you a long time, and the case comes with a mirror attached so you can carry these with you in your handbag for on the go. I really would recommend the lip and cheek tints to anyone who is mega pale like myself (I am wearing foundation in the pictures, but without makeup im a lot more paler). There a great way to look glamorous without looking to over the top, and the packaging is so cute.
Want to check out the Cheeky website page? Then please click HERE
Also they are currently having a 50% off sale on selected items, so grab some bargains whilst you can.
Thank you for reading.

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