Friday, 13 March 2015

Product Testing | Make Up Revolution, What You Waiting For? Palette

Hello, today I have another review for my lovely readers and followers, whoever you may be!
I am going to be reviewing a palette from the newly discovered makeup brand.. Makeup Revolution.
I got sent this palette from the product testing team and you can find out more about this company by clicking here: beauty product testing they work with beauty bloggers and will send you products of your interest to review, if you meet the product testing requirements and when they have a product suitable for you. This is my first time working with this company so I'm not sure on the ins and outs of how everything works, however if you want to find out more, I'm sure they would love to hear from you!
I was so excited when I opened up my package from Mr Postman, as I have been keeping my eye on the Makeup Revolution brand for a loooooooooong time, but I'm not the biggest fan of ordering makeup online, just because the product may break in the post and I like to see the products with my own eyes, so I can see the true shades and colours of each product. Unfortunately I do not have any beauty/drugstore stores locally which supply Makeup Revolution products, I'm not even sure if they sell there products in stores or just online, let me know..

I was a little bit curious as to how this palette would turn out, as Makeup Revolution is known for selling there products at very low, affordable prices, which sometimes can mean, the lower the price, the poorer the quality.. This was not the case.
I cannot express enough, how impressed I am with this £6 palette.
The colours are beautiful, it comes with 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte. I normally go for matte eye colours more than shimmer as I haven't quite got the hang of shimmer eye looks yet, due to not being the best blender in the world, these shades however are so easy to use, whether your a MUA or a beginner in makeup. I am still teaching myself makeup tips and tricks, so this palette is great for me, the colours are simple but once blended together create a dramatic eye look.
This palette is soooo pigmented for the amazing low price, especially the matte colours. My favourite shade is 'Super Hot Female', this shade is so good for a transition colour and looks great on any skin tone. I'm still practising with the black shade as its so pigmented that I sometimes end up with more on than I wanted and then look like I've been punched in the eye!
Who would I recommend this palette to? I would recommend it to anyone who likes to get a bargain when buying makeup, anyone who's a beginner in makeup, or like me, is still practising as this palette is so cheap and will last you a long time. Makeup Revolution have so many different palettes to choose from, ranging from different colours, themes and prices.
Here I created two eye looks, the first one is very simple and more on the natural side, using mainly matte shades from the 'What You Waiting For' palette. This look is so simple, that you can hardly even see the colours used, you would have to try this palette out yourself to see how great these matte colours are.
The second look is a more of a dramatic, girls night out sort of look, but without the colours being to dark.
With both looks I used the matte shade 'Your Capable' as a base colour, and it works a treat, making the eyelids and brow bone very clean looking.
Overall, I am beyond impressed with this palette, and now want to go and buy every other palette Makeup Revolution have to offer, and I can finally say I own a Makeup Revolution product YAY!
Thank you for reading, let me know what Makeup Revolution products you've tried before and if you liked them or not.
Have a brilliant weekend.

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