Monday, 30 March 2015

W7 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set | Review

Hello, happy Monday to you all!
Today I have a review of a makeup brush set and a blusher from the makeup brand W7, I have used there products before and even done a review not so long ago, so I am back with my second W7 review.
The brush set I got came in a lovely roll up brush pouch/holder, as well as the brush set, I received a blusher which I have been testing out.
I have heard from a lot of people say that these blushers are suppose to be, or are similar to the Benefit blushers/bronzers due to the packaging and maybe even the names of each blusher? I'm not sure as I haven't owned a Benefit blusher to know what they're like.
First of all, lets talk about the blusher. This blusher was very hard to swatch as it is a very light shimmer and doesn't show up very well on my 'not so great' camera. I like this blusher but it doesn't show up very well, unless you add a few layers, therefore I wouldn't recommend using it as a bronzer. Its a nice colour for my pale skin as its not to dark or orange but I had to be careful when wearing it, as I'm so pale that if I had to much shimmer on my cheeks it would really stand out. I love the brush that came inside this blusher, its great for contouring with a powder and comes free with the blusher, so I cant complain. I prefer a matte cheek colour, whether it be a bronzer or blusher, but I think this blusher could look great as a highlighter for the cheekbones, as long as you know when to stop!
Oh and the packaging is super cute!

This is the very pretty brush set I received, I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting to wear or collect makeup products. Brushes can be very expensive these days, and seeing that some brushes can go up to £40 for one, makes me almost have a heart attack, there's just no need! I love finding a good bargain brush, or in this case, bargain brush set!
I have to be completely honest and say that there is one brush which I am disappointed with, but apart from that, all the other brushes work great. The only concern I have with the rest of the brushes are that the bristles sometimes fall off onto my face, so I have to keep checking that I've got them off before going out!
These three brushes are my favourite from the set, there all eye brushes but in small, medium and large. Its so handy to have a variety of sizes to choose from as I use the smallest brush for my crease and the biggest brush to do a base colour, I sometimes use the medium brush to apply my transition colour. I love the black matte handles as they look very classy and neat. The logo is on every brush handle which is handy as I have so many brushes which look so similar to these. The bristles on these brushes do not fall out, as far as I know. I have used these three brushes so much lately and I haven't even had them that long, that's how much I love them!
This is the brush I am least impressed with, I'm not sure if its meant to be an eyeliner brush or just an angled eye brush, by the roughness of the bristles I don't think it would be suitable to apply eye shadow products. Non of the brushes are labelled as to what the brush is for, so I am just guessing that its a gel eyeliner brush. The bristles are so rough and the brush is not thin enough to be able to apply eyeliner accurately.
Altogether I am happy with these products, however, I think there colour be room for improvement, although for a £12.95 brush set, it does the job!
Thank you so much for reading and feel free to click here to have a look at the W7 website.

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