Thursday, 9 April 2015

NYC All Day Long Smooth Skin Foundation | Review

Hi there, sorry its been a week or two since I last posted, I've been so busy as I recently have landed myself an amazing apprenticeship and have been there and back doing training, interviews and paperwork, therefore its been hard to fit my blogging in; but now I have the rest of the week free to relax and do what I love doing best, blogging!
Today I have a review from the brand called NYC, they are a cosmetics brand and can be seen in drugstores such as Superdrug and Boots. I have only recently been trying out products from NYC, and as I've been so impressed with there products, I though I would try out a foundation! There is a market stall in my local festival market that sells makeup and they sell products which are maybe from an old collection or line, at cheap prices! I recently bought a foundation which I thought I would give a go as, A: It was only £3.99 and B: the shade looked quite light for my pale skin tone.

The foundation I bought was the NYC all day long foundation in the shade Classic Ivory. In stores or online, I never ever ever ever find foundations which are light enough for my skin, they just don't exist, so when I saw how light this foundation looked, I picked it up straight away and it suits my skin colour so much better than any other foundation I have tried (the shade looks a lot lighter in person, compared to the photo above).

You can see from the swatches above how light the shade is against my skin, I never have any hope that I will find a foundation light enough for me, but this foundation has proved me wrong!
The texture of the foundation is just right, its not to runny and blends in well, but not as well as I would like it to, however that's not much of a problem for me.

This is the finished look..
As you can see this foundation leaves a very smooth, clean look to my skin and does not look to orange, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Although I am impressed with this product, there are a few bad points to make, however don't let this put you off this foundation as there all points you can look past:
1. This product doesn't smell great, it smells like a cheap £1 foundation that I use to buy when I was younger and had £1 pocket money, but once the product is on, the smell goes away.
2. The coverage is quite light, unless you build on top of it, which is possible as its such a light shade it doesn't make you look orange or cakey.
That is more or less it for the negatives but overall I love this product and would rate it a 8/10 but 10/10 for the shade.

(I am also wearing an NYC lip liner all over my lips, in the shade Naughty Nude).

I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know what foundations you are loving, and that are affordable as I always love a good beauty bargain!

Have an amazing week, and speak soon!

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