Saturday, 25 April 2015

Kiss Cosmetics | Lip Vinyl

Happy Saturday everyone!
I have some exciting news for you all...  there is a new cosmetics brand that are mega close to launching and I am here to tell you about one of there products which will be available to purchase online from the 6th May at
Before I get into the review, let me tell you a bit about this brand..
Kiss Cosmetics are an Essex based cosmetics brand which are due to launch their website in just 4 days time! This new brand is cruelty free which is always a bonus and they have some great products which im sure will sell out in no time, so if your a makeup lover like myself, have a read about one of their products I was lucky enough to try out before the launch!
I tried a product called Lip Vinyl, which to me is heaven in a tube, it is a liquid lipstick. I love the idea of a liquid lipstick, as there's a lot of lipsticks I've tried which can be very drying on the lips, so this product makes sure you get the high pigmented colour as well as a glossy shine. Another awesome thing about this product is that KISS Cosmetics do a lipstick range and the Lip Vinyl colour shades match their KISStick lipsticks perfectly, so you could use both of them together to create an even more bold look!
 (The RRP price from the Lip Vinyl's are £7.00).

The shade I received is 'Naked Pink'. I love this shade so much, they couldn't have sent me a better shade, I love that this Lip Vinyl is a bright pink shade but not to bright that the colour looks like that tacky 'Barbie Pink', its a classy version!

The packaging is beautiful, I am really impressed with the logo design, font and colours of the packaging, its very simple, making it look like a high quality product, which it most definitely is!

As for the product itself, I am amazed by the bright pigmented colour that shows up once applied, I wasn't very convinced before trying this Lip Vinyl that it would appear very well and would be more of a lip gloss than a lipstick, but it really does work and is perfect for anyone looking for a lip product that gives a natural finish.

The texture is a tad bit to much for me, in the sense that its a bit heavy on the lips, but it is a liquid lipstick after all, so I expected that (I guess its just the fact that I always wear matte lip colours that have no gloss to them and only need a thin layer).

This is what 'Naked Pink' looks like on the lips. As you can see my lips look very natural but with a hint of pink, which I like as it gives my lips some colour and shine.

I am so impressed with how well this shade compliments my skin tone, the paleness of my skin goes well with such a natural looking colour. This product was developed by Kiss Cosmetics to suit every skin tone, and I believe that 100% as I can certainly see this shade suiting anyone of any skin colour.

This product is so handy, due to it being so natural, it could be an everyday product that could be dressed up or down with other makeup products.

Overall I am delighted with the Lip Vinyl's and cannot wait to collect more shades!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and feel free to check out the Kiss Cosmetics website when it launches, the website is live at the moment but is not completed, although you could go and have a quick nosey ;-)

Thanks for reading, have a great rest of the weekend!

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