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Red Carpet Inspired Makeup Look | BAFTA's 2015!

So, the British Academy Television Award's are just around the corner, who's excited? I know I am!
I love this time of the year when everyone we watch on our TV screens all join together to celebrate television, after all, it is a massive part of everyday life, so why not celebrate it!
I am always being inspired by the glamorous red carpet fashion and beauty trends, not only at the BAFTA's, but every other red carpet event. I am never let down, there's always incredible dresses, I could only dream of owning and flawless makeup that the celebs always seem to be able to pull off!

This May, House Of Fraser are going to be the title sponsor for the British Academy Television Award and to celebrate this, I miiiight have included a few little HOF beauty products into this post (wink,wink)!
You can also check out the BAFTA's main page on the House Of Fraser website by clicking HERE.
I am here today to guide you through my top four favourite red carpet looks, all of these looks are from the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. I was just blown away by how much effort all the celebs made to look their best, as a result, I chose the Golden Globe Awards.
First off I want to talk about three of the looks I was obsessed with this year..

As per usual J-Lo is in my top four, J-Lo never fails to look like an absolute bronzed goddess whenever she gets the chance to walk a red carpet. The dramatic smoky eye with a nude lip goes great together, and not to mention her insane contouring & highlighting. Obviously J-Lo loves showing a bit of leg, and with her, she can totally pull it off and still look like a classy woman! She has no flaws, incredible!

I have noticed lately that Taylor Swift has gone from young woman to mature adult, she seems to be dressing a lot more grown up and she really, really suits it. Her simple hair do, with a vibrant dress and bold lip I though would have clashed, however that was not the case, she looked so stunning, I'm sure everyone was jealous! The dress truly complimented her tall and slim figure, with a hint of cleavage, you go girl!

Lastly we have Miss Ora! Rita's dress was to die for, it was so flattering on her slim, almost hourglass figure. I love how she matched her dress with her lippy, or her lippy with her dress (you get the point), the red theme compliments her skin tone so well, she looks smokinnnn!

Now, I wanted to do a makeup look inspired by the red carpets glamour, so I decided to re-create my favourite look from the Golden Globes this year. And the winner for best red carpet look of the year goes to...


Kiera could pull off a bin bag for goodness sake, she didn't have to make much of an effort to look amazing, with minimal makeup and simple hair, she looks so elegant. I honestly think her eyes make this whole look complete, she has gone for a natural look, with most attention drawn to her eyes, making them pop!

I loved this look so much, I had a go at re-creating it, however I am not saying I tried to look identical, I just used similar shades and products to create my own version of this picture, so please, no hate comments!

I admired Kiera Knightley's whole look, although personally I love a bold lip, therefore I added my own touch by using a beautiful MAC matte lipstick in the shade Lady Danger. Her simple hairstyle drew the attention straight to the face and looked super classy and youthful, I created a similar style, but added a bun in the back which I teased a little to create more of a loose bun rather than (what I like to call) a ballerina bun.

(Please excuse the strands of hair sticking out, they are uncontrollable :-( )

I am loving this foundation, it is the Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 foundation and concealer (Shade 5 Fair), it gives a high coverage finish, which appeals to me as I prefer to hide all my blemishes and uneven red areas as much as possible.

I highlighted the nose, forehead, chin and under eyes to create that glowy skin look that Kiera Knightley is rocking in the picture above and it surprisingly worked well for a change. I also applied a very light ELF bronzer on the sides of the top of my forehead and cheekbones to compliment the highlighted areas and help them stand out. Kiera definitely suits a pink cheek as us pale girls aren't the best at rocking a bronzer, therefore I used the Shu Uemura silk blush in orange from the limited edition Karl Lagerfeld 'Shupette' collection and it works a treat for anyone pale, as you can really work with the product and use a little or a lot without looking to cakey.

I used so many products that this post would be pages long if I went through them all, therefore I took a photo off all the products used to create this looks, if you have any questions about any products please let me know.

I did accidentally miss out one product which was the Billion Dollar Brows powder in the shade 'Taupe' which I used to create Kiera's big and beautiful brows!

As House Of Fraser are sponsoring the BAFTA's this year, I included a few products which can be found on the House Of Fraser website, at amazing prices.
I was so pleased with the Clinque foundation, I wanted to share the buzz with you all, so by clicking HERE, you will be taken to the House Of Fraser Clinique section, where you can check out all the latest products and maybe even treat yourself to a few!
 These three products were life savers for creating a flawless red carpet look, so thank you HOF!

I hope you all tune in on the 10th May for the British Academy Television Awards, if so, let me know who's style you loved the best!

Have a fabulous day, Olivia.


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