Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Boohoo X CHarli XCX | 90's Inspired Fashion

I have been so excited to share this post with you all, I was contacted by Boohoo.com and informed about the amazing collaboration that Boohoo are doing with the beautiful, talented Charli XCX, which the theme will most likely (knowing Charli) be 90's inspired, I was greatly thankful for them contacting me, I got to choose an outfit from Boohoo.com inspired by 90's fashion, to share with you all!
I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of Charli's fashion sense and this opportunity sounded right up my street, so here it is, enjoy!
I took inspiration from the well known 90's film.. CLUELESS, to me that film is all about the outfits, from tartan, to fur, to leather.. the list goes on.
It was proving to be a difficult choose as to which character to work from, however, I suppose you cant do a Clueless inspired outfit without using Cher as your inspiration!
The 90's was a very popular time for the mini skirts and colourful blazers and the outfits that stand out to me the most throughout the film are the co-ord sets that the girls wear, especially Cher's famous yellow plaid two piece.
I found an outfit that I instantly fell in love with, and this is what I chose..
I stuck with the school girl style, with the knee high socks and black shoes, as well as pairing the shoes with the mini black suede backpack.. So Cher!!!
I love the colour of this outfit, the baby pink really gives the look as a whole, a mega feminine touch.
I see Charli XCX in mini skirts all the time and she really does have that hourglass figure to suit every outfit she wears and I am a big fan of the mini skirt trend that has come back around from the 90's.
I obviously had to get the matching cropped blazer which just completes the whole look and makes the outfit look classy. I added a simple ribbed crop top as I didn't want anything to fancy as it will take all the attention away from the co-ord.

So I used Cher as my fashion icon for this post, but since this post is in celebration of Charli XCX's Boohoo collaboration, I thought I would do the hair and makeup inspired by the 90's queen herself..

When I think of Charli and her makeup, I instantly think of bold red lips, that has been her signature look for a long time and she completely rocks it! As we are focusing on 90's trends I went for a more darker lip as whilst doing my research I found a lot of 90's celebs rocked a dark, dramatic red lip.

I kept the eye makeup simple as Charli focuses all the attention mainly to her lips, therefore if I was to do a bright eye look, it would clash with the bold lips, plus in this case, I think less is more.
Now Charli wouldn't be Charli without her big, beautiful, bushy eyebrows! I went for dramatic, black brows (well dramatic enough for me) and added some coral blush to the cheeks as I think coral cheeks really compliment pale skin tones.

The hair HAD to be big and curly, Charli is seen a lot with curls in her hair and also a lot of celebs were seen with curly hair back in the 90's, and its safe to say that this trend definitely hasn't gone out of fashion yet!
I really enjoyed dressing myself up and it made me realise how much I wish we still dressed like they did in the 90's, so thanks to Charli people can be inspired by her 90's trend and take inspiration just like I have today to bring back 90's fashion.
I hope you enjoyed reading my latest post.. Let me know who your 90's icon is!
Oh and don't forget that Charli's Boohoo collection is now live on the Boohoo.com website and she has done an amazing job, to check her collection out click HERE you wont be disappointed!
If you are interested in any of the pieces I wore in this post then you will find them all at Boohoo.com for really affordable prices.
Have a great week everyone..
Speak soon!

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