Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My First Tattoo

Hi everyone..
I am so excited to share my first tattoo with you all, I have been putting off getting a tattoo for about a year now, but as it was my birthday yesterday I decided to man up and go for it.. & I am so proud of myself for overcoming my 'tattoo fear' and it really wasn't as bad as I expected.
I promised myself that whenever I got my first tattoo I would give it a good, hard think instead of just winging it and getting something silly like a unicorn!
After some help off my tattoo artist and mother, I decided to get my birth flower to celebrate my 20th birthday, I wanted my tattoo to look like it had been sketched onto my skin, so to give it that effect I just wanted the outline of the flower in black, in the background I wanted bright paint drips/splatters to add to the whole 'arty' look, I love art and im a very arty person myself so I got this tattoo to also resemble my passion for art and I couldn't be more happy with the final result..
I chose to go for a safe area on my body which I thought would be bearable for my first tattoo experience.
I got myself so worked up during the 4 week wait, I had people tell me it was a walk in the park and others tell me it was the worst experience ever. Strangely when I woke up the morning of my appointment I was extremely excited and the fear of pain was at the back of my mind, I think I was just so excited to see the end result that the pain didn't matter anymore, plus I knew it would be worth it.
I couldn't be more proud of myself for sitting through my tattoo without getting all worked up and shaky, its insane to think how little it actually hurt, plus my tattoo artist was so friendly and made me feel very relaxed. Obviously depending on which body area you get tattooed, the pain rate will vary, I would give my tattoo a pain rate of 3/10, which I am so happy about as I wanted to add to my tattoo to create a colourful sleeve so now I can go back for more with a positive mind.
I went to a lady in Carnforth who's shop was called 'The Jewelled Bird', which is a fairly new shop, she have a Facebook and Instagram page if you were interested in checking out her work. My tattoo cost me £100 for an hour and a half sitting, which I think is very reasonable, and my mum, dad and brother paid for it all which is a bonus ;-)
I give her shop and work a 10/10.
Please note: If you are considering getting your first tattoo DO YOUR RESEARCH, my friends were recommending loads of artists to me that I wouldn't ever trust as their work just wasn't good enough to have on my skin forever, I feel I made the right decision and I had a great outcome thanks to spending hours online looking for someone who had great work portfolios.
Thank you for reading, I love seeing other peoples tattoos, so let me know what tattoos you have..
Have a great day, speak soon.

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