Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Studio 10 | Skin Perfecting Palettes

 Hi everyone, so glad to be back at my computer desk, working on another blog piece to share with all my lovely followers..
Todays brand im going to be talking about is called Studio 10, who focus on an innovative range of age perfecting makeup products that are created to help give women the ability to look more youthful and feel more confident in their own skin.
Although this brand aims their products at women aged 30+, they still have other amazing products suitable for anyone of any age, and I was lucky enough to be sent two palettes to try out myself.
I received the Age Defy Skin Perfector palette and the Visible Lift I-Definer palette, both of these palettes cost £32 each from the Studio 10 website (CLICK HERE).
I used both palettes for my face even though the I-Definer palette is created for the eyes, the products also work great to contour and highlight the face, so its a win win!
Age Defy Skin Perfector palette
I am in LOVE with this palette, it is my go-to palette for prepping my face for foundation, there are multiple products in this palette which help certain problems with my skin, the green corrector I use for my red patches on my skin which I sometimes get, especially during bad skin break outs and under my eyes, the two concealers are so thick and creamy and give a really impressive coverage, however the second concealer in this palette is way to dark for my skin tone but the first one is perfect so as you can see from the photo I am defiantly getting some good use out of that one.
Although you don't get a massive amount of each product in this palette, you don't need to as a little goes a long way with these products, I've had these palettes for about two months and I use them daily and still haven't hit the pan yet!
10 out of 10 from me and would highly recommend investing in this palette to see how good it is for yourself :-)
Visible Lift I-Define palette
I like this palette as all the products can be used for multiple purposes, I use a lot of these products daily such as using the neutralise powder to set my under eye concealer and the highlighter to highlight under my brow bone to create a sharp, clean finish to my eye makeup.
I am not as in love with this palette as I am with the Skin Perfector palette, however it is perfect for anyone who prefers to use powder makeup rather than creams or liquids and due to my dry skin, I find that liquids work better with me.
This palette for me personally is only a 5/10 as I believe it would benefit the older range of women more.
So, want to see the results from these palettes..
As you can see the products from the Skin Perfector palette have blended like a dream and covered all my imperfections as well as any dark areas. Super impressed with the results and I don't look half dead anymore, yayyyyyyy!
I finished my makeup and look.. zero imperfections!
Even if you didn't want to create a dramatic makeup look you could still use the products in the two palettes to cover up any blemishes that you may want to hide, you wouldn't even have to apply foundation over the top if you were going for a more natural look. Studio 10 products are suitable for any women wanting to create any look.
Thank you to Studio 10 for letting me experiment with your fantastic products & thank you to my followers for reading, hope you enjoyed.
See you soon!
Lots of love.

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