Friday, 8 July 2016

OK Bouquet | Review

If you haven't heard of OK Bouquet, they are an online florist - they deliver luxurious bouquets throughout the UK.
They guarantee next day delivery which is really impressive as well as being handy for anyone ordering a bouquet to be delivered to a loved one on time for a special occasion.

OK Bouquet have a wide selection of bouquets on their website over at -
Prices vary for all bouquets therefore they are affordable for anyone whether you are on a budget or want the dearest bunch out there!

I was extremely lucky to be sent a bouquet of my choice from the lovely team at OK Bouquet. It didn't take long for me to decided which bouquet I wanted out of their huge selection.
I had my eye on these stunning roses that I knew I had to have!

Their bouquets are truly stunning and are beautifully packaged and delivered safely, on time and in one piece - what more could you want?!

I chose the Premium Black Baccara Long Stem Roses, which I thought looked so unique and unlike any roses I have seen before.
I learnt that black roses are often associated with magic, mystery, rebirth and new beginnings, a fun fact for you all! :-)

These roses are priced at £40 for 1 dozen roses or £75 for 2 dozen roses, you also get to chose from a variety of foliage to go with your flowers which is included in the price.
Before my bouquet arrived I thought that the prices were way to high but now I have seen these precious roses in the flesh I can totally understand the prices.
They are so worth the money you pay, they are such high quality compared to the cheap bunches you pick up at supermarkets.

This is how the flowers were when I opened the parcel, which by the way was a huge box which is great as the flowers aren't squished in small packaging. They were arranged beautifully, you can really tell this company has a huge passion for what they do and take care to make each bouquet unique. 

I know by the name of these 'black' roses, people expect them to be pure black however they are red but with an extremely dark tone to them, making them look almost black. The colour of these roses look different under different
lighting, for example if I display them in the window, the light reflects on them, making them appear more red. If I put them in a place with no light they look a lot more darker, either way they still look heavenly.

On the website the description explains that the rose petals are 'velvety' and that couldn't be anymore accurate. These petals feel incredible, so soft and the colour of the petals against the velvety texture is exquisite.

When I first opened up the box, I found that around one of the rose stems was the greetings card that you can personalise with your own words.

I had a lovely note on my card from the company which I thought was so sweet.
Also another thing I noticed was that also attached to the string was more card with care instructions and tips on which I think is really handy as that's not something I come across a lot, if at all when I purchase bouquets.

My mum helped me arrange my flowers into a vase (your never to old for help off your mother)!
When we took the bouquet out of the box there was a compartment which the bottom of the stems were placed in to keep them fresh whilst in the packaging.
When placed in the vase they looked so stunning I was blown away!
Here they are in the vase, arranged very nicely by my mother...

We took them outside to arrange in the garden so you could see the true colour of these roses in natural lighting.

I decided to keep them in the living room to save them being destroyed by insects or even being stolen which wouldn't surprise me as they are so beautiful after all!
They look fab in my living room under the window and today (two days later) they still look like new.
I will be intrigued to see how long these flowers last, hopefully a long time!

This company is absolutely fab and a true 10/10!

I recommend anyone to look into this company and check out their website, these bouquets would make fantastic gifts for any occasion or even just to treat yourself, go on I know you want to ;-)

Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a fab weekend.
Speak soon ladies!

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  1. Really love the variety of fresh cut flowers here. Last purchase were Iris stems and peonies and the arrangement lasted for a lot longer than I expected. There are also some pre-arranged Flower Delivery options which are also great.