Saturday, 28 December 2013

Cruelty free/vegan make up brands.

As I am vegetarian and a lover of animals I am against any sort of cruelty towards animals as I think they deserve to be happy just like us humans, animals should be pets not experimented on with a chance of not surviving. I feel very strongly about this and therefore in November I made the decision of chucking all my makeup away and only using products that are not tested on animals. I thought this would be quite hard but once I did my research I found out that a lot of brands are cruelty free, however at the beggining I was struggling to find out whether products were cruelty free or not so I thought to help all you out there who are doing the same thing I would tell you some brands I use and how cruelty free they are, baring in mind that these are just a few and I am not some makeup expert these are just my opinions. 

E.L.F Cosmetics- This brand is my all time favourite brand for makeup in general but when I discovered they don't test on animals I was thrilled as that meant I could finally try their products and they are such good quality products without the high price which can always be a pain when you don't have as much money as you would like. E.L.F always have deals on such as 50% off or spend a certain amount and get a free palette. If you are not sure whether to believe me then be sure to check their website out by clicking the link below ---> then click on 'Any other questions' 

The Body Shop- This is the only brand I can trust 100% as there is not one product in their brand that isn't cruelty free. As well as being cruelty free they also make their products with the intention of protecting the planet therefore you can be sure there products are good in every way. The only down side to this brand is that it's quite on the pricey side, for example I went in a few months ago and I saw a gorgeous vibrant purple lipstick then I saw that it was £10 just for one and I couldn't bare to spend that amount on one product when I could get more for my money else where. I'd hope that because of their expensive prices they are good quality products.
Here is a link to the body shop website --->

Superdrug- Now this confused me at first as I thought ok well I can now go and buy anything In Superdrug and it will be cruelty free but that's not the case, it's only the superdrug brand that is cruelty free for example I buy makeup wipes/face wipes from the superdrug brand as it has the leaping bunny on the back of the packet. I like the superdrug face wipes as they are not harsh on skin and I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to face wipes but these are really good as you can get fragrance free wipes. Another reason why I like this brand is because they are cheap but good quality. Here is a link to the website --->

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