Saturday, 1 March 2014

MUA Cosmetics Haul

Hi Ladies!
Today I have a small haul of makeup to show you, if you are a fan of good quality makeup at cheap prices then read on as this brand is one of the cheapest makeup brands I have come across. The brand is called MUA (Make Up Academy Cosmetics) and is has such a huge variety of products from lipstick to brushes to custom palettes.
At the moment there website are doing a free shipping deal for people who spend over £30 in one order so get that deal whilst you can, plus they also ship internationally which is a bonus!
So before I get started if you cant be bothered to read on then here is the website link, I hope you all find this website useful..
Lip Products
Scarlet Siren

Totally Nude

Wild Berry
These are the three shades I chose to try out and they had there benefits and disadvantages, they are great in the sense that they are very pigmented but the texture however is very much play-doe like, the texture is so dry that I have to more or less everytime use a lip brush to apply the product. However once on your lips the product looks fine and if you find that your lips look dry you can always apply a lipgloss over the top or mix another lipstick in with it which is what I do with the Wild Berry and Scarlet Siren.
Here is a swatch of the three shades:
As you can see the colours show up pretty impressive and for £1 each you could afford to buy them all and if you dont like them you wont have wasted to much money.
Eye Products
I got two eyeshadows to try out as they were also only £1 each. They are so good for the price they are at, there super pigmented and would suit any skin tone, the Matt eyeshadow is very dark and would create such a dramatic gothic look, as for the Pearl shade this one works ace as a base for your eyeshadow as it highlights the lids making them pop.
I do have other products from this brand but haven't had much chance to try them out so I haven't included them, although I will write a couple of sentences about each product and what I think of them so far:
Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter - I loved the look of this product but when it came to me I saw that it was far to shimmery for my liking, I have very pale skin so anything shimmery makes me look a bit like an orange clown! I wasn't impressed with that, however if you apply a small amount you can get away with not having to much shimmer to your look. This costs £3.
Pro-Base Prime And Conceal - This product is a concealer for your eyes which gets rid of any redness using the yellow tones that it has, this product is good, I don't really use eye primer a lot so I dont know what to expect but then again I also dont wear a lot of eyeshadow, Mainly only when Im going out. This cost £1.50
F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush - This brush I mainly use for bronzer, blusher and highlighter. I like this brush however its not the best, as I use it for my cheeks and it doesn't blend the product in as well as I would like it to. This cost £3
L1 Lip Brush - This brush is amazing! For the price of the brush its such good quality, its just the right size for my lips and is such a smooth brush. Its a nice shape and keeps its shape no matter how much you use it. It applys lipstick more accuratly and evenly. The cool thing about this brush is that the handle breaks off so that you can use the bottom of it as a lid so you dont get the brush dirty, and its handy to put in your purse! This was only £1.50 and ill happily say it was worth the little amount I paid and I would buy more of them in the future.

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